The Bunker
38 Osborne St
Essex CO2 7DB
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The Bunker Colchester, 38 Osborne, Colchester, Essex, CO2 7DB

The Bunker is a new shop, range and party venue  Colchester.
The shop will be a dedicated Air & BB Rifle shop. We will stock a large amount of consumables, gadgets, scopes, accessories you will expect plus much more. In addition to this we also have a large selection of clothing and equipment for sale from countries around the globe.
Our dedicated rifle range and conference room will allow us to run parties and offer experiences making unlike anything you have ever seen!

Airsoft Skirmish / Milsim

At the moment we host Airsoft games approximately twice a month.  Night games and Training days are also available. Join the growing community on out Facebook page for more details.

Realistic firearms

Airsoft guns are replica firearms used in airsoft that fire plastic pellets by way of compressed gas or electric and/or spring-driven pistons. These guns are designed to be non-lethal and to provide realistic replicas.

Depending on the mechanism driving the pellet, an airsoft gun can be operated manually or cycled by either compressed gas such as Green Gas (propane and silicone mix) or CO2 or by compressed air via a spring or an electric motor pulling a piston.

We offer black Airsoft guns for hire, please contact us for availability 01206 562 478

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Red Wire Pull Smoke Grenade WP40

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